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Celebrities are quitting too. I constantly interact with the press and that is how I still reach people."The futureWill the world quit as one Highly unlikely but then there’s this freedom from distractions.But now, I have invested that time in activities I want to pursue and yes, quitting has helped tremendously. In fact, 11 million young users have left Facebook since 2011. when there’s real interaction with the world aroundIt's not just Facebook either. I am very much aware of the developments in the society and I do my best to react to it in my own way. But everyone from yoga instructors to your boss are asking you to go ahead and do it — for your wellness and productivity" Others find no need of these networks Recently, Chennai was hit by floods, and I did my bit through the right medium I don’t think I am interested in Twitter that much. We’re glad Newton was not handing out likes when the fruit landed "If you don’t want to wish me on my birthday, it’s okay; no love lost. I like to stay connected with my fans directly.

The company soon took flak with many activists slamming the giant for turning its users into lab rats and soon there were calls to stop plastic pump Manufacturers the experiment Or pick up the phone and reach out, old school."There are many like Agrawal. Frankly I find it too scary. Model Jackie Besterwich explains the intrusion she has to suffer. Last year, the company thought up a plan to alter users’ moods to make the product more "alluring". "Joining the 99 days of freedom experiment only takes a few minutes. I don’t want to tell people ‘I am eating now’, ‘Now I am walking to the bathroom’. Thing is, this is the population the world's relying on for the next big, life-altering eureka moment. The numbers are claiming a certain portion of the adult population is wisening up and indeed quitting We’re happy Archimedes was not ‘posting’ in the bath and that Edison had enough focus in him to invent — and finally end up holding 1,093 patents to his name. It gets my work done and that’s about it. Sometimes on social platforms, we are asked unnecessary questions on every issue, and I feel it unwarranted. I used to spend an average of at least four hours browsing. "It’s a mystery to me. There are apps which are now helping us stay away from the storm of social media distractions — they turn off alerts and the more extreme ones do not allow you access between a set period of time. There are campaigns being organised! 99 Days of Freedom is a Dutch collective which is asking people to "abstain from Facebook for 99 days" to then find out how their lives have improved.

These are our finest Eureka moments — and pen went to paper to register life-altering observations. He decided to delete his account after he discovered that a friend who had over 1,500 pals had just six people showing up at his funeral Precious time spent in the company of loved ones, amidst nature and sometimes, just by yourself. More time spent, means more time to look at ads!And Facebook’s trying to increase time spent. In India Ranbir Kapoor has openly admitted he finds social media "boring" According to science, these are when ideas strike. looking at what people are doing. Yet it saves the average user 1683 minutes. For social media companies, time spent is extremely important because it’s an absolutely water-proof statistic for advertisers looking for a good platform. Talk to former users and they speak of quitting social media as if they’ve been successful in fighting a drug habit. with a notebook perhaps. I’m a bit old school and a fiercely private person and still prefer doing stuff the old fashioned way I don’t understand the need to share these boring details of my daily routine with the whole world. I am a strong believer that whatever good deeds are done in life should be done for the sake of goodness without worrying whether such deeds are in the know of others. "I was on social media for many years. It keeps me saner, grounded and human. "I can’t even begin to explain how productive I have become. You see, social media companies are pouring millions to increase one particular aspect in their analytics — time spent on sites. I can’t handle being that accessible all the time. Or come to my house and have a drink with me. The global average is 20 minutes but Facebook says a consumer in the United States spends over 40 minutes on the website.Life’s full of moments. People are trying to achieve these moments of intense focus and clarity. I’m quite happy with just emails, calls and messages. Because some of mankind’s biggest leaps happened when just one person had this moment of instant, unparalleled clarity triggering flashes of genius.Kannada actor Shivarajkumar, the eldest son of legendary actor late Dr Rajkumar, avoids all social media interactions.

The quittersWell, society is urging its own to take up experiments too. But after a while it all got a bit too intrusive and way too consuming for me. March 5 of this year is the National Day of (total) Unplugging, which is part of the Sabbath. I have a lot of close friends who do egg me on, but I’m pretty clear about what works best for me and social networking is just not my cup of tea. That’s well over 28 hours of freedom! We will contact you after 33, 66 and 99 days, to see how you’re doing," the campaign blurb reads."But the most damning, recent observation comes from Ashish Hemrajani, the CEO of Bookmyshow I don’t find it necessary to tell people what I’m thinking at any point in time," he said. It does pale in comparison to its over 1 billion monthly active users but the exodus has been large enough for the tech firm to take note. We can only hope pen goes to paper, and the finger’s not hovering over like and share buttons for over fours every, single day. "I do not want to share every decision in life with the world. My advice Just quit. Juxtapose that figure to where the US economy is now and you have a broad understanding of what’s happening in that country. however, the youngsters are still part of a rising trend of peaking numbers. My phone and my home are always reachable to them. It’s hard the first few weeks. "It has been seven months since I have quit all forms of social media," says Hyderabad-based techie Akash Agrawal. Too much publicity is also not good either.



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